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Practicing on a Digital Piano (Video) PROS and CONS

My Casio PX 110 sits on the second floor of my townhouse because there's no room for it anywhere else. Haddy Haddorff stole the space that Cassy formerly inhabited. In truth, the digital is not on the high priority activity list of instruments here but it has a role in technique-based toning and conditioning In… Continue reading Practicing on a Digital Piano (Video) PROS and CONS

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Pianos I own and those that I reluctantly let go

My Steinway, model "M" grand, 1917 is a permanent fixture in my living room which doubles as my piano studio. It was rebuilt to perfection in 1992 by Dale Erwin, Modesto. ( I cannot give anyone a higher recommendation than Dale. He views the piano as a singing instrument and voices it exquisitely. His skills… Continue reading Pianos I own and those that I reluctantly let go