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About Coffee, Cats, and Non-legato

This blog mishmosh is as ridiculous as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a best-selling children's book title, though it's the perfect segue way to an unmatched set of events that transpired yesterday in Berkeley. Coffee was my first preoccupation after Marta Vago, a long lost "connection" to my late piano teacher, Lillian Freundlich, surfaced… Continue reading About Coffee, Cats, and Non-legato

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Aiden Cat choreographs the Chopin C# minor Waltz.. seeing is believing

Watch this amazing cat at the beginning and close of this "foot"-age. If any ballet companies are looking for new talent, this floating feline is up for an audition. In any case, he earned himself a well-deserved catnap after a virtuoso "paw"-formance. Notice his graceful balletic form as he sleeps. purrrrr......

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Aiden Cat’s Choice of Musical Instruments (Photos)

I've always fantasized about what instruments Aiden might choose if he wasn't swamped with pianos. Let's see: It looks like all he needed was a bow. Love in full bloom with the cello (actually my favorite sounding instrument) Aiden! That's not a cello! Now he's reunited with the right instrument What? A hunting horn?! He'd… Continue reading Aiden Cat’s Choice of Musical Instruments (Photos)

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The Life of a Cat on April Fool’s Day

There's no doubt who's King of the Castle with his Keyboard Crown. What else would I expect? He really wanted the whole piano bench to himself: How did he manage to sneak off with my sneakers? They weren't there the last I saw them. He's decided I can't go anywhere without him. Better yet, he… Continue reading The Life of a Cat on April Fool’s Day