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Piano Instruction: Gershwin Prelude no. 2 in C# minor (Videos)

About Prelude #2: Published in 1927, the work was first performed by George Gershwin in a concert at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York City. A challenge to play, it doesn’t fit easily under the fingers because of large note spans, and it requires a tasteful amount of tempo rubato of a bluesy, moody character.… Continue reading Piano Instruction: Gershwin Prelude no. 2 in C# minor (Videos)

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My favorite Gershwin performances (Videos)

Surfing the Internet, I discovered four inspired readings of my favorite Gershwin selections. These included performances of "I Got Rhythm," the three piano Preludes and Rhapsody in Blue. (I've already regaled Yeol Eum Son's riveting "Embraceable You" in a few previous blogs) First, Irina Morozova delivers a show-stopping, "I Got Rhythm," track 13 of Gershwin… Continue reading My favorite Gershwin performances (Videos)