North Berkeley CA, Scarlatti Sonatas, Stained glass

Art, Photography, and Music in perfect harmony

Julie Orchard, an intensely dedicated piano student, presented a glass multimedia mosaic at the Subterranean Arthouse last night that blended well with Domenico Scarlatti’s music.

In the same spirit, the composer’s Sonata in D minor complemented the splendor of Berkeley’s springtime foliage.


An Adult Piano Student and Stained Glass Artist has a dual passion

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It’s a small world in many ways. Julie Orchard became a piano student of mine through my next door neighbor, Art, who happens to own the Bottle Shop across the street. But degrees of separation melted further when I discovered that Julie’s mother studied piano in Fresno with my former teacher, Ena Bronstein. In fact, I received a lengthy e-mail from mom letting me know that she had been following my blog, not realizing that Julie was taking lessons from me. Naturally, a journey down memory lane followed and we were both hoping to meet each other in person to continue the conversation.

Well, the opportunity will arise on Friday, April 18th in Berkeley, California when daughter, Julie will present a “Glass Multimedia Mosaic” at the Subterranean Art House, 2179 Bancroft Way (between Shattuck and Oxford) from 7 to 9 p.m.

She’ll be showcasing her stained glass art, partnering with colleague, Christine Morlock.

Julie has a dual love for piano and her medium, glass.

As a music student, whose first exposure to the keyboard was via her mom, Julie practices assiduously, and has taken on some of the most challenging works in the literature. Right now she’s studying Schubert’s Impromptu in Eb, Op. 90, and the Chopin Nocturne in C# minor, No. 20, Op. Posthumous.,

Her studiousness is all-embracing. During our interview, she directed me to her phonograph player and a disk of a much younger Paul Badura-Skoda rendering the Eb Schubert Impromptu with impeccable phrasing and fluidity. Immediately, she inquired when she would play the opening section as fast as the maestro and if I had any suggestions for her.

It’s that drive to achieve and grow that makes Julie a special joy to work with. And the same applies to her art.

She manages a Stained Glass shop on upscale 4th Street in Berkeley, teaches classes, and plies her trade, preparing for exhibits.

In this short, but inspiring interview, Julie shares her passion and excitement about the special upcoming event, and sandwiches in a bit of piano playing to my perfect delight.


At the event on April 18th