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A Grand Piano with a captivating design!

"GET THIS!" A piano with sleekness and significant musical dimension: an eye and ear-catcher with a respectable pedigree among keyboard giants. Who can gloss over the Name Bluthner? I won't say more lest I spoil the uniqueness of the LOOKING and LISTENING experience. So UP and AWAY with alacrity!

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GRAND comparisons

It's always telling to compare a piano's tone, resonance and decay in the showroom where purchased to its performance in one's living space. Unfortunately, one cannot transport the piano to one's home while evaluating it at the store. In this regard, I can share a pertinent experience where a 7' ft. Grotrian grand whose bass… Continue reading GRAND comparisons

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My Old Baldwin piano passes to a new owner, but keeps family ties

My blind date sweetheart piano, the Baldwin Hamilton grand 1929, that was a shot in the dark, telephone interviewed instrument, is falling into the hands of my adult student, Julie. That means it's remaining in the family. (Julie lives practically next door) The good news is that I now have ample space for my NEW… Continue reading My Old Baldwin piano passes to a new owner, but keeps family ties

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The mystery of NOTE CLICKING B is solved!

Here's a snatch of the bug that invaded Steinway M (1917) as long desired, drought-relieving rains encapsulated the piano for days. (Were weather changes the cause of an uninvited guest seeking sanctuary between hammers, in finite action spaces?) Israel Stein, RPT/EMT, in "high tech" detective mode, responded pronto, and tenaciously scoped out the uninvited… Continue reading The mystery of NOTE CLICKING B is solved!