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Music and Words Revisited in Chopin’s compositions

In a lifetime, a few flashing moments of inspiration may guide our musical journey, deepening our understanding of a composer and his music.

In this nostalgic universe of enlightenment, I treasure a precious parcel of wisdom imparted by gifted pianist/teacher Irina Morozova at the Special Music School in Manhattan, 2014. In a private sitting with an icon in the world of mellifluous phrasing and heaven-on-earth renderings, I absorbed her convincing, poetic alliance of words and music in the Chopin literature. The initial introduction that encompassed the Rondo No.2, Op. 16, was a desired segue way to a phrase-centered discussion of the composer’s ethereal Nocturne in E-flat, Op. 9, No.2.

At this juncture in the Fall, 2014, I’d been studying the “nocturnal” composition, having struggled with various phrase marks, that if literally obeyed, would seem to impede a long musical line, with sub-gestured lifts of the hand.

Morozova’s ideas and demonstrations that were pertinent to my introspective process, became embedded in my consciousness, growing over time in a memory bank, to be drawn upon in a re-learning sequence of Chopin Nocturnes, Mazurkas, and Preludes.

Knowing the challenges my adult students face in their individualized creative journeys through Romantic era piano literature, I thought a timely revisit of the pianist’s treasured epiphanies in the attached video would be a valuable source of learning and inspiration.

NOTE: Morozova’s understanding of words and the breath in alliance with tasteful rubato, requires supple wrists relaxed arms, and a natural application of weight transfer.


A sample of Irina Morozova’s Chopin-rendered musical poetry.(The composer was wedded to the opera in his embrace of Bellini)

Chopin Mazurka, Op. 63, No.3


My own growth spurts in interpreting Chopin have been nursed along by my long-time, East Coast friend whose playing and mentoring are powerful influences upon the greater community of students and teachers.

Chopin Mazurka in G minor, Op. 67, No. 2

Chopin Nocturne in Eb Major, Op. 9, No. 2


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Pianist, Irina Morozova in Concert at New York’s Mannes College

Irina Morozova concert release

Each year, when compiling my favorite You Tube beamed performances, I invariably dote upon the artistry of Irina Morozova. Her playing is simply heavenly, resonating with a heart-melting singing tone that weaves through undulating, well-sculpted phrases.

It took only a smattering of HD transported Chopin offerings to catapult me to Subscriber status and then virtual Facebook Friendship. Naturally, such boundless cyber ties were transcended in my cross-country journey to Morozova’s teaching sanctuary in the heart of Lincoln Center. (The Special School/Kaufman Center proved to be a rich repository of budding musical talent)

As a privileged bystander, riveted to my camcorder and iPhone capturing inspired pedagogical interplays that would reach the blogosphere, I especially treasured Irina’s generous offer to share her thoughts about Chopin’s heart-throbbing Nocturne in Eb in poetic framing.

Such inspired outpourings have an immediate hypnotic effect and provide a teasing opener to what will prove to be an amazing display of music-making on February 23rd, 8 p.m. at Mannes College the New School for Music, where Irina is a faculty member.

So please don’t miss this event!


BIO: Irina Morozova

Piano; B.M. with Honors, Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music; M.M., Manhattan School of Music; piano studies with Vladimir Shakin, Galina Orlovskaya, Arkady Aronov; performances include Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, New American Chamber orchestra; participated in Film America’s “Music in the 20th Century” series; awards include Frinna Awerbuch, San Antonio International Piano Competitions; teaches, performs at International Keyboard Institute and Festival in NY; faculty, Mannes College of Music, Manhattan school of Music, Special Music School.

“Irina Morozova made her New York debut with a solo recital at Carnegie Hall in 1996 after winning Artists International Auditions. Critics raved, “Morozova possesses an astonishing beauty of sound and power of ideas…she is the sort of pianist who can turn a simple phrase into magic….”

“Born to a musical family, Irina Morozova began her musical studies at the Leningrad Special Music School for Gifted Children and graduated with honors from the Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music where her major teacher was Galina Orlovskaya. Studying with Vladimir Shakin at the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory, she performed in the concert halls of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, and many other cities in the former Soviet Union. She also toured former East Germany and appeared with the Berlin Radio Symphony in the famed Schauspielhaus.

(A list of performance credits is too long to tabulate, though they encompass a variety of international venues.)

“Ms. Morozova received her Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music where she studied with Dr. Arkady Aronov. Since 1997 she has been on the faculties of Mannes College of Music and the Special Music School at Kaufman Center.”

My catalog of interviews, etc. with Irina Morozova that explores her wide range of musical activities: performing, teaching and recording, piano, piano blog, Vitalij Margulies, you tube piano performance favorites

Chiming in the New Year with my favorite piano performance picks!

Grigory Sokolov grabs a deserved spotlight in this bedazzling performance of Schubert’s Klavierstucke No. 1

Bruno Sainmangeon, producer and documentarian captured Sokolov in the same acoustically favorable Berlin space that Murray Perahia chose to deliver the memorable Bach Partita in E minor:

Add in Perahia’s most recent tour de force in Japan: Beethoven’s Appassionata

Irina Morozova melts hearts with this exquisite Chopin reading:

Check out the New York concert scene:

Faculty Recital – Irina Morozova, piano
Monday, February 23, 2015 at 8:00 pm
Concert Hall, Mannes College
150 West 85th Street New York, NY 10024
Faculty Recital – Irina Morozova, piano
Free, but first come first served


And two forever favorites

No longer with us, but eternally present in spirit:

The late pianist, Vitalij Margulis beautifully memorialized Chopin’s Db Nocturne, OP. 27

And Tatiana Nikoleyva offered a heart-throbbing Schumann Interlude:


Don’t miss!

Bruno Sainmangeon and Glenn Gould engaged in an amazing conversation about J.S. Bach’s genius. It opens with a playing segment from the Art of the Fugue, but continues with a generous serving of the master’s works interspersed with Gould’s treasured commentary and vocal accompaniment. (It’s a multi-dimensional exploration of the composer’s vast keyboard output, packed with theoretical and structural insights)


Another riveting conversation: Murray Perahia and Denis Forman chat about Mozart’s Concerto no. 27 in Bb

A full play through


And finally, an Alma Mater choice: George Li plays a challenging set of works at the Oberlin Conservatory Artist Recital Series.. Like old times.


I’ve shared my favorites, so what are yours?

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A musical birthday shared that can’t be overlooked

MorozovaJ.S. BachIt’s still the right side of midnight on this Coast before the day melts into another, so I have a snatch of time to celebrate the birthday of two favorite musicians, Irina Morozova and J.S. Bach–both born on March 21rst.

My feelings about J.S. are well known, as evidenced by reams of you tube postings memorializing his genius. And to be fair, I’ve shouted to the heavens about the moving artistry of Maestra Morozova, grabbing any opportunity to embed her priceless musical jewels in my writings.

Suffice it to say that words won’t ever do justice to her piano playing, so in an upbeat spirit, I’ve decided to post a track from the artist’s amazing Gershwin CD–It’s an ear-grabbing experience from start to finish!

Face the music, while it’s Irina’s birthday, she’s bestowing her gift of love to a swelling crowd of admirers.

Just listen!


Irina Morozova Shines playing Gerswhin Virtuoso Transcriptions