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The Ideal Piano Lesson as the main course

If I could devise a recipe for an ideal piano lesson, it would contain the following ingredients: A 15-minute warm-up including a scale (one or two plus octaves in parallel and contrary motion) played legato and staccato--adding 3rds, 10ths, and 6ths depending on student level, with an additional assortment of arpeggios. For a Beginner, practicing… Continue reading The Ideal Piano Lesson as the main course

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The mapped out manuscript for Bach Invention No. 1 in C

Here's my hand-written analysis of the Bach Two Part Invention No. 1 in C that supplements the video. I've added more at: The Main Idea or subject is bracketed, as well as an Inverted form of it. Key changes are also marked in the score. Recap: Instructional video, Bach Invention no.1 in C, BWV… Continue reading The mapped out manuscript for Bach Invention No. 1 in C