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Scenes from Manhattan

First day in the Big Apple: These are popular picture postcard themes yet worth memorializing. I took this photo set as I trekked from 34th Street and Penn station to the West Side 'Y' gym at 63rd off Central Park. Bogged down with luggage, I approached Columbus Circle at W. 59th Street (off Central Park)… Continue reading Scenes from Manhattan


Arrived! Big Apple energy abounds!

A bleary-eyed, overnight jet traveler, I was instantly re-charged upon my early morning arrival at Kennedy. The City never sleeps. Avoiding the Sky train maze, I jumped the shuttle bus, belted in and felt the bumpy ride of ensnaring traffic before being DROPPED at Penn Station. Imagine carting swelling luggage with wheels revolving in every… Continue reading Arrived! Big Apple energy abounds!

"Did Somebody Say Fresno" compiled by Aviva Kirsten, Big Apple, Fresno the TV miniseries with Carol Burnett, New York City, Panic in Needle Park with Al Pacino, The Out of Towners with Jack Lemmon and Sandi Dennis, visiting the Big Apple, word press,, you tube, you tube video

Feeling like an “Out of Towner,” going back to hometown New York

I’m soon to embark for NYC to attend a Memorial service for my beloved aunt. Only this time around, I’ll be flying out of the San Francisco Airport. (I relocated to Berkeley, California in September 2012 following a 30-year death sentence in Fresno) Two years ago, a movie-threaded narrative plotted all possible outcomes of my… Continue reading Feeling like an “Out of Towner,” going back to hometown New York