Domenico Scarlatti and trills!

What would our precious Domenico be without his Baroque era adornments, embedded trills, heart-throbbing melodies in gypsy, folkloric framing! And who can overlook the flamenco guitar, rhythmic castanets and tambourines in full keyboard orchestration under Portuguese and Spanish royal influence. Yet the very first Scarlatti sonata given to me by my beloved NYC mentor, Lillian… Continue reading Domenico Scarlatti and trills!

Lukas Debargue, piano

Run to hear Pianist, Lucas Debargue!

A rising young pianist who placed 4th in the grueling 15th International Tchaikovsky Competition, but earned special RECOGNITION by the Moscow Music Critics Association, scored a unanimous victory on stage at Berkeley's Hertz Hall. (February 12th, 2017 at 3 p.m.) Without question, the 27-year-old French pianist, Lucas Debargue made an indelible impression on members of… Continue reading Run to hear Pianist, Lucas Debargue!

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Domenico Scarlatti’s music that’s within reach of the Intermediate level student

Margery Halford via Alfred publications has compiled a nice assortment of Domenico Scarlatti's Menuettos and Sonatas (essercizi) that's a satisfying "Introduction" to the Baroque era composer's music. (Scarlatti, An Introduction to his Keyboard Works) In fact, I snatched at least five of these binary form sonatas for my two-part disc in 2007, combined with the… Continue reading Domenico Scarlatti’s music that’s within reach of the Intermediate level student

North Berkeley CA, Scarlatti Sonatas, Stained glass

Art, Photography, and Music in perfect harmony

Julie Orchard, an intensely dedicated piano student, presented a glass multimedia mosaic at the Subterranean Arthouse last night that blended well with Domenico Scarlatti's music. http://youtu.be/XYM6dV8LfMI In the same spirit, the composer's Sonata in D minor complemented the splendor of Berkeley's springtime foliage. http://youtu.be/WhIvm8VU5ZM LINK: https://arioso7.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/an-adult-piano-student-and-stained-glass-artist-has-a-dual-passion/

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Scarlatti adorned

Solano's Oriental Rug Gallery provided the backdrop for Domenico Scarlatti's music

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Celebrating Christmas in the vocal tradition (Video)

When it comes right down to it, musicians "sing" through their instruments, and pianists with generous polyphonic resources (many voices) will find the melody and flesh it out as the tour de force of a composition. On this special day of Christmas I therefore chose la creme de la creme of a vocal model performance.… Continue reading Celebrating Christmas in the vocal tradition (Video)