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Piano Technique: Trills and the vocal model

Joyce Di Donato, “lyric-coloratura mezzo-soprano,” is my model for trilling. In an embedded you tube video, the opera singer emphasizes the undulating character of a beautifully executed trill that leans on the upper note. (Too often pianists deliver a robotic … Continue reading

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Piano Instruction: Mozart Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K. 545, Allegro (updated Video)

Play through

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Piano Technique: Reeling off parallel thirds in staccato (with a trampoline effect)

The playground as music teacher applies: My brood of students and I enjoy the romp through a set of parallel thirds within a five-finger position. In our escapade, we usually dance through the Major and parallel minor tonalities. Interplay, back … Continue reading

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Rolling wrist motion for J.S. Bach Invention 4 in D minor

Just a video snippet exploring the rolling wrist forward motion in phrasing Bach Invention 4. The streams of scale-like 16th notes and their surprising melodic displacement (descending 7ths) suggest a slope up, then curve around motion that’s best realized with … Continue reading

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My blind date with a “new” piano–

I’m meeting a 5’2 Baldwin Hamilton in El Cerrito today, Sunday, and I’ll videotape the introduction for posting on You Tube. This is the piano that had a verboten phone interview with a follow-up long distance tech eval. Good report, … Continue reading

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The Transfer Piano Student

I would hate to pigeon hole all “transfer” students in one way or another. It would be unfair, and unfortunately many piano teachers shy away from prospects who were immersed in learning environments where little progress was made over a … Continue reading

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Rina, 4, played “Frere Jacques” with two hands, adding a bass part in whole notes (Video)

Charming little Rina has made a big leap in progress. Last week we were exploring WHOLE NOTES, and I asked her to practice one whole note per measure in the Bass to support the Treble melody in “Frere Jacques.” Today, … Continue reading

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