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A NY Times article on landfills of discarded pianos is thought-provoking;ref=arts&_r=4&adxnnlx=1343746997-So2LFy3bwlbB06xhRqMQ%2FQ I read reams of comments attached to this article, and most who'd posted were emotionally devastated by a graphic slide show of grand piano dismemberment, pulverization and landfill-dumping. It amounted to an unmarked grave, or even worse, since the dust pile would be untraceable over years. A principle at Faust-Harrison, a high-profile piano dealer… Continue reading A NY Times article on landfills of discarded pianos is thought-provoking

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Memoir: Shuffling through old Class pictures

An old cardboard box that yielded my New York City High of Performing Arts Yearbook and a flood of memories, revealed my portrait. I looked innocent enough, with a riveting quote beneath: "I know what is missing in the barrel rather than what is there." Perhaps it was a time-honored insecurity that adolescents might disclose… Continue reading Memoir: Shuffling through old Class pictures

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Housing my Dream Pianos

I grew up in the Marble Hill projects of the Bronx and lived on the ninth floor. The walls of our housing development were so paper thin that when I practiced on my Sohmer 1922 studio upright, my first dream piano, it would elicit nerve-racking thumps from the neighbor down below. To my embarrassment, I… Continue reading Housing my Dream Pianos