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Thinking in One through a brisk 3/8 movement (Clementi)

My students continue to teach me as we move along at a pace that does justice to the unfolding of a work over time without a rush to destination. For each pupil the journey is different and varied, without definitive markers of absolute progress. Having said that, a movement that is brisk (as metaphor to… Continue reading Thinking in One through a brisk 3/8 movement (Clementi)

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The empty nest: “Haddy” will sing in another home

I will have one less piano in about two weeks. "Haddy" Haddorff, the singing nightingale will nest in a new place starting September 16th. Not to worry, she's on temporary loan to a local piano teacher who will keep her in tune, and vocalizing regularly. I'm Berkeley bound and my new apartment can only accommodate… Continue reading The empty nest: “Haddy” will sing in another home

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Clementi and the Crickets (Videos)

I thought my well of ideas for blogs had dried up until the crickets invaded my musical sanctuary at roughly 10 p.m., Thursday, July 7th jumping in as a full choir during the slow movement two of Clementi Sonatina Op. 36 no. 3. (Here's my first investigation of the noise which appeared to be coming… Continue reading Clementi and the Crickets (Videos)