computer problems, fire wire cable, Rosh Hashanah

Feeling Disconnected at the Jewish New Year!

Wake up call. At sundown this evening, the Jewish New Year is ushered in. It will have arrived just after my computer wisely shut itself down. The “card” for the fire wire cable IEEE1394 decided to expire at the right moment or perhaps its memory became self righteously corrupt, reminding me to be respectful on this special holiday that’s followed by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Despite these subliminal messages from the Almighty to be observant and to forget about captures, rendering and uploads, I felt totally disconnected when faced with a crash and burn of major proportion, holiday or not. With a fire wire melt-down causing a reign of personal terror upon my You Tubes, I was swept up in a whirlwind diagnostic frenzy that took me to a COW forum in the middle of the night to troubleshoot the Sony Vegas video editing program, making side trips to SONY technical support for Creative Software, and separately, to India for a camcorder inquiry. None led me to the Promised Land of Milk and Honey, un-enslaved by captures of any kind.

In all, I burned up 15 hours, sleep deprived by 8 as I took my computer apart in finite detail; explored its Device Manager and System Restore; deleted and added programs; downloaded Device boosts and anything related that popped up on the screen. I broke out my VISA card as fast as a gambler places bets on the Trifecta and I went on a rampage uninstalling, re-installing, downloading, upgrading, updating, re-loading, and virus checking everything in sight, hoping that I’d solved THE problem. Alas, I was rapidly slipping into an irreversible System Restore hell.

After the first lap of interventions and micro managing maneuvers yielded no discernible cause for my capture problems, I scurried off to Computer Mania in Fresno where other crazed you tubers and computer addicts converged in time of crisis! The hub, located beside Herb Bauer’s rifle display was where I had gone 4 months before to have a fire wire port installed in my brand new computer. It was supposed to afford easy video captures and renderings before my You Tube uploading world suddenly collapsed!

Trekking over to Mania, bogged down with my Dell plus three fire wire cables, 6-feet long, an A/C adapter and two Sony video cams, I was greeted by Brandon, a cool, calm and collected sales tech, who promptly wired up my computer and tested its gads of functions. Sticking the fire wire cable into its rear multiple times, he found NO trace of a detectable camera “device.”

It was getting depressing. I watched my day’s supply of you tubes flushed down the toilet.

Brandon was all business. After tinkering with my Dell for over an hour, he tentatively diagnosed the problem:

The computer probably needed a NEW fire wire card because he had guessed that the one Mania had ordered previously was “the runt of the sheep herd.”

I couldn’t completely trust his metaphorically framed hypothesis, because he couldn’t statistically prove it.

At least Brandon had done a conscientious job, testing another computer’s hard drive Windows 7 that had no program uploads. He plugged my camcorder into it without seeing a trace of a device, ruling out corrupt files and viruses.

Woefully, I left Dell behind knowing that she would endure a few more upended violations tomorrow before being fixed. For certain, she deserved an overnight Mania driven reprieve.

With two Sony camcorders, 3 fire wire cables and an adapter, I sped off in my Camry. Once home, Haddy Haddorff warmly greeted me. She had been looking forward to her next recording session because she loved “singing” on You Tube. Unfortunately, given present circumstances, she would not be a happy camper for the next 48 hours.

Tomorrow, at the dawn of our Jewish New Year, the video capture problems just might be resolved. But who cares. We should be shelving our video projects and instead focusing on personal resolutions. At least the meltdown was a critical reminder of life’s priorities.