Carnegie Hall, Rada Lupu, Shirley Smith Kirsten

4-hand piano prep and the joy of making music for two

I remember an astonishing concert that I attended at Carnegie Hall where two distinguished pianists sang like nightingales at one 9 foot grand piano. It was back in the 1970’s that I heard Paul Badura-Skoda and Jorge Demus perform the Schubert Fantasie in F minor as opener to a program featuring mostly Mozart works.

The duo recital was mesmerizing though years later I recall stumbling upon Murray Perahia and Rada Lupu playing the hauntingly beautiful Fantasie that left me spellbound with its slower opening tempo.

Recently, a music teacher colleague accepted my invitation to collaborate with her on this masterwork, though I initially shrank from the awesome task of playing the PRIMO part (The Treble–divided between the hands)

Once I became deeply entrenched in my practicing the Secondo, however, I couldn’t resist delving deeply into the Primo. And to satisfy my dual appetite to hear BOTH parts simultaneously, I recorded the first 58 measures (Secondo) on my iMac iMovie, and then clicked the PLAY button, while I recorded the Primo over the Secondo via my Sony Camcorder.

photo (1)

As my journey continues, I will parcel out Primo and Secondo to final cadence.

Once fully prepped, I’ll arrange a rehearsal with my duo partner.


Murray Perahia and Rada Lupu

Second favorite Badura-Skoda and Demus (though I prefer a slower opening tempo)