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Piano Technician Call Back: Please fix these notes! (Before and After Video)

Growing up in New York City, I had a memorable, rotund tuner named Buchbaum, who talked my ear off while tuning a Sohmer upright. Consequently, he left the piano with “beating” octaves, thirds, and sixths. In so may words, the … Continue reading

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Windex on ivory keys: Did it remove the gray spots?

There was definitely an improvement after Mark scrubbed the whites and even the black key OFFENDERS with Windex. I don’t believe, however, that the gray will ever be totally removed because it had become ingrained into the keys by its … Continue reading

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My Baldwin grand piano gets its first diagnostic, tune-up, and regulation

It sounds like I’m talking about a used car. For Mark Schecter, Registered piano technician it might as well be. He emphasizes that the piano has thousands of parts that must work harmoniously to make playing a smooth and pleasurable … Continue reading

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The original article in the Piano Quarterly that inspired an examination of the piano tuner/technician landscape


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The voices of piano technicians around the country

I had the invaluable opportunity to interview various Registered Piano Technicians around the country about various aspects of their profession. First, to become a RPT, the candidate takes an exam that’s administered through the Piano Technician’s Guild (PTG) which has … Continue reading

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The iPhone Invades Piano Lessons

Monday, Jan. 24th, was a first! Esmeralda, a retired attorney, who’d been taking lessons from me for a year, entered my El Cerrito piano studio with a bright red iPhone as a sign of the times. A dangling rectangular prism … Continue reading

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A Table Style Piano with Three Leaves–the whole story in lurid detail

Two days following my encounter with the towering no name upright, I was drawn to a Fresno Bee Classified ad, that listed an antique ”Counsel piano” for sale at “$1500 or best offer.” (First thing that popped into my head … Continue reading

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