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Piano Teacher Stories from the War Zone! (Part One)

So many of us in the field of teaching can hearken back to our earliest piano student years and flesh out a particular individual who was the “worst” teacher to ever come our way. In my case, it was my second teacher who earned the distinction of being the most inept mentor on record, though she was an admirably accomplished player.

Louise Milota, a pianist, teacher, duo partner, and former long-standing President of our MTAC Alameda Branch, dipped into her memory archive and retrieved details of her colorful music journey in St. John, Canada. It included a near drowning of her dreams to be a pianist before her ultimate rescue.

A serendipitous conversation with Louise followed our rehearsal of Schubert’s F minor Fantasie.

It’s worth a listen:


My Eurhythmics-centered interview with Louise at the San Francisco Conservatory