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“Piano Student of the Week,” Claudia S. practices Bach and improves her playing (Video)

Claudia is one of the old-timers around here at age 11. She came to study piano with me when she was just 6 and in those days, I gave her Noona’s “The Red Drum,” in addition to selections from Book … Continue reading

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Piano Instruction: Solfeggio and Transposing (Videos)

Solfeggio, or using Do, Re, Mi, etc. musical syllables is a valuable adjunct to naming notes with letter names. It improves sight-reading and transposing while it develops ear-training skills. Continue reading

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Piano Instruction: singing a melody to help shape it and then translate into physical motion (VIDEO)

In this videotaped example I explore the opening phrases of “Mazurka” by Maria Syzmanowska. RELATED:

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