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From Pop to Bach, A 9-yr old makes it over easy

Fritz, a sparkling kid who loves football, soccer, and video games especially where he’s devising offensive field strategies, comes to the piano with bundles of energy.

These can be channeled into a piece he’s gung ho to learn, like “Hall of Fame” by Sheehan, O’Dononghue, Adams, and Barry.

As it played out, Fritz’s mom, downloaded “Hall” one afternoon, after son went nuts over it.

Why not learn it, I thought, if Fritz kept to a program of Scales, Arpeggios, and an infusion of Baroque and Classical era piano literature.

Seems we’re all on the same page.

Video 1 Practicing “Hall of Fame” without pedal

Video 2 Fritz and I go over pedaling “Hall of Fame”

Fritz practices Anna Magdalena Bach Minuet in G

Video 3, Fritz plays through first section, “Hall of Fame,” experimenting with added pedal

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