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Heart Attacks and Haydn!

Haydn heart attack largerHaydn D Major

I couldn’t help but chuckle at a stream of advertising overlapping my Haydn D Major, Hoboken XVI 37 Sonata: “FOUR SIGNS OF A HEART ATTACK”

The Google ad, as it ran, uncannily tracked KILLER passages in this composition that would pose a risk to cardiovascular health (Especially the brutal contrapuntal bass line in the Development section) Or any number of Fortissimo, careening diminished chord figures!

Just minutes before, as I first reviewed the posting (freshly imported to You Tube) a DEMENTIA WARNING plagued my reading. OK so I had to use my music on this one, but was it a predictor of a complete memory breakdown in the offing?

It could have been worse if my Haydn triggered the FACEBOOK UNFRIEND ad! By clicking it, I would have an instant heart attack finding out who had abandoned me!

That would not be as shocking as an ARREST record stream–though ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT applied to the Haydn RECAPITULATION if murdered.

OOPS! I noticed these malignant, if not criminal ads rotate, so I can’t easily pin ’em down!

A poor little girl named “McKenna” had a Blue and Orange Google Ad BLINKING madly through her Haydn Sonata No. 48 In C Major, causing two memory lapses.

The DEMENTIA ad probably was more suitable for this track.

What am I saying? The child was about 7, and yes, I know about DNA markers and Alzheimer predictors, but these AD purveyors should get a life!

What’s this world coming to?

Bottom line, it’s not the MP3 revolution that’s killing Classical Music, but GOOGLE Adware that’s run rampant over J.S. Bach, Papa Haydn, W.A. Mozart and their forebears.

How about a call for WORLD PIECE! (spelling intended)

Let’s dedicate one SACRED DAY to posting our You Tubes without health and well-being ALERTS!

And while we’re at it, let us purge arrest records of You Tubers around the globe with a blanket Writ of Habeas Corpus.



Haydn Unpinned! and matters of Memorization

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