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Flower Piano in photos at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

white grand piano people listeningFor twelve days pianos of all shapes and sizes were sprinkled through a verdant paradise as players with diverse repertoire from jazz to Classical serenaded clusters of listeners and a large brood of Canadian Geese. Nature’s backdrop was irresistible.

flower piano poster big

flower piano small poster

Canadian geese

This white grand was a challenge to navigate with its stiff, moisture-filled action, though some players managed quite well with pop tune offerings.

White grand piano 1

white grand piano Asian player

The ambiance

water lillies and pond

pond to the side and palms

pond straightened out

pond more green

More pianos

back view brown console piano

brown console male player

brown grand piano under large tree

I had less problems with this Storey and Clark, though a few sticking notes were the ruination of Fur Elise.

hand up playing brown console piano

These steps led to still another piano.

steps with trees Botanical garden

small piano maple

trees, grass, and mist

I returned for an encore before heading home.

standing by white grand piano

bricks and flowers

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