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Piano lesson: Chopin B minor Waltz, Op. 69, no 2. (bouncing phrases back and forth)

Teaching affords the greatest opportunity to listen objectively to students serving up their menu of pieces. It allows ideas to spring forward and bounce back.

Today, my Greek student resurrected his Chopin B Minor Waltz in preparation for a forthcoming concert, and he sorted through some of my epiphanies that were born of his playing.

In truth, my verbal prompts helped both of us crystallize phrasing and nuance.

“sighing,”” streams of notes,” “rubato,” “expand,” “resolve,” “sequence down” gave a frame of reference.

And conducting gestures, even over cyber communicated through an abyss of failed words.

The opening Waltz section ignited a two-way growth process that will surely ripen with time.


An older SKYPED lesson video:


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