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An adult student excels: Chopin Waltz in C# minor, Op. 64, No. 2

Frederic Chopin

I’m beaming from ear to ear, as I showcase Julie’s progress by way of a recent lesson collaboration. I say collaboration, because students and teachers learn together and gain insights as they take a common musical journey.

Julie happens to be indirectly related to me. That is, her mother studied with concert pianist, Ena Bronstein in Fresno, as I did the same when I lived there. (after my relocation from NYC in the late 1970s)


So how often is a student the child of a mom who shares pianistic lineage?

I’ve yet to meet Julie’s mom, but I can readily discern that mother and daughter are musically bound and have much to express at the piano.

As proof, here’s what played out last night as the nearby space heater, kept student and pupil warm enough to imbue the Waltz with the beauty it deserved.

Thank you, Julie, for lighting up the room, amidst a rare Berkeley CA blitz of wind and chill…

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